It's just three girls (who've never played D&D before),
a Dungeon Master (who owns all the books but hasn't read them)
and a handful of dice (they're fine)...

Join us for our adventures in Kalee, a real play podcast of
monsters, magic and memories!
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New episodes come out monthly on the first Tuesday after the 20th Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST). Sometimes we do double episodes. Sometimes we don't. We are not full time podcasters (but thank you for thinking we are) so we squeeze everything into our spare time!
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Frequently Given Answers
No, we don't have Tik Tok.
No, we won't be doing live shows on YouTube or Twitch for privacy reasons.
Yes, we have Discord, the link is above!
Catch up with our world here:
Confused by the size of our story?
Don't know your Beloch from your Beloch?
Uncertain who the Big Bad really is?
Frequently Given Answers
Yes, it is complicated. Yes, it's chock full of spoilers if you're not up to date!
No, we don't know where it's going either!
Meet the team here:
Frequently Given Answers
No, you can't have a photo of us. We don't have one either!
Yes, we're really Australian despite our perfect Scottish accents.

Yes, you can send us cool stuff:
Girls Who Don't D&D
PO Box 285
Cardiff South, 2285
New South Wales
Uncover our artists here:
We love working with artists from all over the world. If you'd like to be one of our artists, email us your portfolio and we'll see what we can do together!
Clara Fang
Letícia Lobato
Dylan Loftis
Items and Monsters
Nikki Dawes
Paulina Nachman
Book Covers
Sam Garbett
Victor Manoel
And our singing artists here:
A fantasy world without songs - yes, that's what we thought too - but here we are! We're so lucky we found these talented wonders!
Mia Stegner
Goddess of the intro!
Greg Larson
Renaissance Man!
And some of our voice over artists here:
We work hard every day to make life of our clients better and happier
  • It'sClavi
    The sound of the thing from beneath the sea comes from Clav - and it's quite terrifying!

  • Brenda Holiday
    The voice of our wonderful in game books, 'Where One Ventures" and, "The Light Within"...

  • James (Rivyer) Ciccone
    One of our magnificent Dwarven submarine crew members (Paganini)!

  • Gregory Larson
    At the moment, he's the voice behind the 'Dwarven Dwinking Song' but there's even more to follow!

  • Graven
    The leader of Skathen's Submersible of the Seven Seas (Captain Marko)!

  • Rick
    The Town Crier from our top secret, hidden, Patreon only episode!

  • Tessa Anderson
    Half of our wonderful voices for The God of All Things, Inashtay

  • Ian Paul Power
    The other half of god, and another wonderful voice!

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